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7 nights cafe

• Establishment The idea of establishing "Seven Nights Cafe" came in 2005, when we established the first branch in Taif Governorate under the name of "Triple 7 Cafe"
The cafe continued until 2018, where we decided to move to a new phase of strategic change to keep pace with the development and progress of our brand, and to be a qualitative leap for our chain of branches and reach the leading horizons in line with the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030. according to mechanisms based on:
- Creation of the name of the Seven Night Cafe in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Commerce and Municipality.
- Training and qualifying employees to keep pace with the local and regional competition.
- Creating suitable accommodation for all employees, warehouses and management offices.
- The need to receive complaints and suggestions from customers and interact with them positively.

• Vision and Mission
It is well known that the vision is based on the future, so we aspire in the Seven Nights Cafe to provide drinks and food at a level that satisfies the customer in terms of quality in our products and services and thus competing with well-known coffee shops in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the countries of the region.
The result is to become a coffee shop that offers high-quality products and services.
The message holds .. Customer attention, hygiene, workmanship, sincerity, and food safety.


Inside Orders Menu

  • French Coffee 10 S.R
  • American Coffee8 S.R
  • Turkish Coffee 9 S.R
  • Espresso9 S.R
  • Mikatospan>9 S.R
  • Latte10 S.R
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